Monday, March 06, 2006

Part 2

The second underdeveloped foundation I see, is the unanswered question, “WTF was Ezra Pound’s literary project?” Ok, so he tore down traditional structure, but ultimately did he offer any lasting replacements other than the fabulous ideas of fascismo or the cantos “I cannot make it cohere”? Ok, condensare is good, but it only goes so far. I cannot think of a more effectively terse poem than one I heard in a bar called “Fleas,” it goes...
had ‘em.
My point being, condensation is a technical modality and not a philosophy. It has a limited range of usage. --Remember when you first got into Haiku’s and they were so great and you read them and you wrote them and then eventually you grew absolutely exhausted of their sparse imagery masquerading as philosophical treatises?
I am only saying this to start some talk about a larger picture of poetics that I see prevalent in the works of Stevens and Williams. Whereas authors like Stein and Pound, In My Opinion, destroyed convention and replaced it only with their egos or personae, Stevens and Williams fashion a philosophical (American) response to modernity. Agree or disagree?

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