Monday, May 08, 2006

Rodney Koeneke's Musee Mechanique

Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

I’ve written a book. I've found someone to publish it. It’s for sale here. I hope you'll consider getting it.

Want to look before you leap? Sample wares here or here. Video available here.

Read more about flarf, the controversial poetry movement my book is a part of.

Many thanks for supporting my work!(and special thanks to Gary Sullivan for the cover.)

xo Rodney Koeneke


jenn said...

Rodney, congrats!!! It'll definitely be on my summer reading list, which I can't wait to tackle!

See you soon,

Randy Kalista said...

It was awesome hearing you at SOU. Your "Pizza Kitty" reading for us was even BETTER than the one on YouTube. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty, minus the surfer lingo -- did you have ANY idea you were creating an insta-classic when you wrote it?)

Oh! And definitely clue us in when you're gonna hook up with Mystery Science Theater 3000 for their special Bollywood Flarf episode. I'm there.

Jess said...

Seriously, people, this is NOT a test! Musee Mechanique is a pile o' fun. And if you need a push, go see Rodney read and you'll feel silly for not having listened in the first place.

(thanks again, Rodney! such a pleasure to have you in Ashland!!)