Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Extreme Portland

Bumper sticker spotted today (second time) in Southeast:



Hayes said...

bumper sticker spotted in the Northwest:
my other car is a garden, heh!

Rodney, i didn't get a chance to tell you how much jen and i enjoyed your reading. You are quite the performer. a ball of irony and sincerity thrown right down my strikzone, er, not even strikezone, my freakin' wheelhouse, were zukofsky there, he, i think, would agree, without goin too far into yr work without it in front of me (we never worked out that book deal, ooh, remind me to never again say book deal) i must say it provided the clinamen or swerve i find necessary for me to stay as active as possible inside a written or spoken work...I loved it...and i'm gonna steal yr neo-benshi routine with a silent Titus Andronicus skit!! HAHA!

rodney k said...

Hi Jared: Thanks, man. I'm glad you and Jen were there. I might return the favor and steal "Silent Titus Andronicus" for a book title. :)

rodney k said...

P.S.: I'll bring books to swap at your reading on the 3rd.