Friday, June 22, 2007

Name That Poem

“The whole poem in its unity declares more eloquently than any single line or passage that truth is not the final answer to a calculation, nor the last stage of an argument, nor something told us once and for all, which we spend the rest of our life proving by examples. The subject [of the poem] is the truth which is inseparable from the way and the life in which we find it.”


rodney k said...

from the desk of KONRAD STEINER:

Are you preparing quizzes?

Making "truth" the subject of the poem sounds like a no-form-but-in-content kind of thing. Or was it the other way around? Or is it an Objectivist? Or is it a milquetoast formalist take on Kathy Acker?

(Maybe that "truth" is just the unitary aspect of the poem that is its power of invocation (related to spell casting). Its language invokes a view of that situated truth but without declaring its objectivity or even its permanence.

But this same unnamed poem has a discursive aspect, too, right?

Different sorts of "truth" abide in the poem.)

I give up! Give us a HINT.

Alli Warren said...