Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What If ...

in their movements, speech patterns, and repetitive behaviors in aggregates, humans are essentially metrical accomplishments?


Drew said...

or harmonic events.

konrad said...

or percussive.

Drew said...

also - Kyle Gann is on the same (Mayan) page

rodney k said...

Time sense curled into DNA. Or ancestral memories of other approaches to percussive/harmonic balance. Why not? Thanks for the link.

He's always in such bad odor, but isn't it Eliot that talks about the change in poetry when horses (clop-clop) moved over for Fords (vroom!)?

phaneronoemikon said...

tellurics at the macrogranular
composing part of the
selectional partial object
ie part of the frame relay
of indexical vectoring

(like a plasma sphere whose
tips are people)

is supposedly built
on a ley line
and a single thump
with a finger
is said to register
throughout, probably
bs, but sounds cool

and protein's vibrational
dynamics are being looked at
i think

I was looking at a spiral story column tonight from the Cathedral at Hildesheim which starts to
look alot like dna

these sprial staffs
are archetypal
from caduceus to asklepios
or the archimedian screw


just the function
as a drawing up
as an 'augury'

I'm designing a virtual gateway
for a class project
using two hollow columns
each containing an augur
which lifts symbol spheres
into a bingo-like selection

the say 5 symbol combination
would be parsed poetically
somehow by an algorhythmic

or maybe
the spheres
would just
pop into the eye-sockets
of a medusa bust
in the pediment

peace rodney

Hayes said...

zukofsky! zukofsky! zukofsky!

Ryan W. said...

speaking of hits

Ryan said...

The reasons why time "slows" in moments of extreme stress: this rhythm is interrupted...thrown into an existential cut-time.