Monday, February 18, 2008

That Abrupt Howl

At the risk of caving in to the local-yokel boosterism that nettles me about here, I've got to call out two Portland-based items in Silliman's epic Sunday links scroll.

Joel That Abrupt Here Bettridge pops up for his article on the heretofore unsuspected parallels between the Charles Bernstein of Shadowtime and Thomas Aquinas of the Summa;


Portland, not Berkeley, steps up as the site of Ginsberg's first recorded reading of Howl, on Valentine's Day 1956. He and Snyder read at Reed College (Snyder's alma mater) to around twenty people, about what Spare Room draws on a Sunday now. (N.B.: reading the article more carefully, it looks like Berkeley is still the home of the first complete recorded reading of Howl, so see, I didn't cave.)

THIS JUST IN: Bern Porter is likely to have no connection to Portland, OR whatsoever.

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