Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cento for Abraham Lincoln

Cento for Abraham Lincoln

Ladies whose book titles are anagrams for forbidden passion
has any number of headers in front of the actual data
Thigh chicken roast bottom bottom round roast eye of round
the shape of Asian grapes in the early morn

Names of flags suggest themselves
Hniyst! It’s my name
this seems like a name you would use

Run, inky racer, run
the future is where faith sets cash on fire
moblogging cedar shoe trees
while wearing a traditional Icelandic woman’s costume

Logs made of crustacean ringlets
and the gorgeous Saluki flying back from Peru
taught that the key to transcendence
is background
They snore while I look for the night

Are you OK? Then OK then
Hey, presto! you have a sleeping child

Lines from Abraham Lincoln #3, with help from:

Dodie Bellamy
Bill Luoma
Shane Allison
Robert J. Baumann

Rodney Koeneke
Lyn Hejinian
Joshua Clover

Tisa Bryant
Stan Apps
Angela Genusa
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl

Lanny Quarles
Jim McCrary
Jack Collom
Anne Boyer

Jennifer Knox
Jordan Davis

1 comment:

richard lopez said...

just got my copy of abe #3
yesterday and it's a killer
well, it nearly slayed me
it is that good