Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Osiris Grows in the Dark"

Phrase of the week: vatic urbanism.

(I’ll expose how local I’ve gone in just two years by pointing out that Beverly Dahlen’s from Portland. Bruce Boone isnt, but I like his case for the virtues of dyspepsia anyway. Can they ship some up here?)


Philip Metres said...


I'm likely going to Portland (first timer) in mid May (14-17) to give a talk on William Stafford. Apparently, your fair city will be hosting a festival on ole Bill. Maybe we can hook up and have lunch or something.

Robin Tremblay-McGaw said...

hey rodney--i think that bruce is actually from OR, maybe even Portland!

rodney k said...

Hi Philip,

Absolutely! This town's all about Stafford, esp. with his son Kim, a poet, still around and Lewis & Clark'd. Would love to see you when you're here.

Hi Robin,

Bruce is from OR? Gotta know more ... Both should have Wikipedia and EPC pages--in time I'm sure they will. Thanks!