Monday, March 30, 2009

Rules for Reading Rules

Stan Apps reviews my Rules for Drinking Forties at Freewill Applicator (“Socialize the profits, privatize the risk”).

He joins the snazzy Brandon Brown, who made Rules a Talking Point last month over at HI.

Cy Press publisher Dana Ward has bundled the chapbook with Anselm Berrigan’s Have a Good One; you can get both together for $15 here while supplies last.

Stan calls out the striking design, typical of the thought and work Dana and Brandon Goacher put into all the Cy Press productions:
There are only 200 copies of this lovely new book, which has a simple black-and-white ruled cover and a gorgeously complex title page in which hundreds of tiny icons have taken up residence in the words of the title and the author's name. The charming design is another little triumph for Cy Press.


Nada said...

Gary has a tendency, when new books come in, to squirrel them away and sometimes I never know they exist within our domestic parameters. Yesterday, though, I noticed your book sitting atop one of our speakers, and rejoiced that I would finally be allowed to read it.

First thoughts: I love the title page, and the Tristia version, and, more generally, how you manage to maintain in your poems such a ruffled and refined cadence while also entertaining (the joy of) banality. Of course I love the poem to me, too, as you got everything exactly right in it (those businessmen! their vinaigrette!), and it makes me feel profoundly grokked.

Humanism is Cheese! Indeed!

rodney k said...

Thank you, Nada!