Friday, June 26, 2009

American Poetry in the Age of Whitman and Dickinson

Emily Dickinson & Walt Whitman enter the blogosphere, with a whole age in train. (With help from Benjamin Friedlander.)


mark wallace said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this. Just what I wanted.

DUSIE said...

haven't even clicked the link, but wonder, when weren't Dickinson and Whitman in the Age of American poetry?

rodney k said...

Hi Susana,

Ben's got a great post about this--it recalls the time when Whitman was out of favor, and Dickinson not yet recognized as major. I guess for a few minutes in the 20th century, the Age of American Poetry looked like Tuckerman and a phalanx of other three-barreled names that it's hard to find anymore outside of Ben's blog (though I know what you mean.)