Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

That's a good mood. Can I join you in it?

DUSIE said...

hehe, i was thinking yr mood was kamasutric!

phaneronoemikon said...

Today's levantine or dar al islam trivia question:

What culture was to the Persians
what the Persians were the Ottomans?

25 pts.

rodney k said...

Um, Mughal?

Thanks for an idea for a 2010 resolution.

I had you figured for leading the van.

phaneronoemikon said...

Well, I should have had my reference at the ready, for when to actually remember the word of the culture all I got was an E and an A having a bong hit in a trailer house. When queried the two red-faced remains of the memory giggled "Elam".. I tried to find a solid reference, but I came up slightly unconvincing.

Here is my only proof:

Khuzi was the unofficial language of the royalty of Persia, "Khuz" being the corrupted name for Elam.

I always thought the Mamluks were an interesting one..