Monday, November 22, 2010

Parking Lot of Terror

The 1977 Gay Sunshine interview included in John Wieners’s Selected is an Alp of spontaneous bop prosody, but this weekend at the Brandon Downing reading Sam Lohmann reminded me that Wieners’s interlocutor, Charley Shively, gets his licks in too. If you find a better 'poetry of place' question than “How important is geography or the turning of locations into a parking lot of terror?” shout out and let me know.


Robbie said...


That Wieners interview is other-worldly! The text was heavily abridged for the Selected, tho, & leaves out a few rather salient details which appeared when it first ran in Gay Sunshine. Like, for instance, the fact that the entire conversation was taped w/ the two entirely in the nude . . .

My own favorite JW moment is in his interview w/ Raymond Foye for the b-sides comp Cultural Affairs in Boston:

RF: Do you have a theory of poetics?
JW: I try to write the most embarrassing thing I can think of.


mark wallace said...

I don't have a better question, but my novel coming out this winter, The Quarry and The Lot, is a pretty good answer to the question.