Thursday, January 29, 2015

Into the Ground [4 years]

M., Lesley, C.
Glitter Mini 9, "Into the Ground"

Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Year in Poetry Readings

A thanks to the poets whose work I got to hear in Portland in 2014. More readings happening this year than any other I've been here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007.

Adamshick, Carl
Alessandrelli, Jeff
Armantrout, Rae
Arterian, Diana
Ashby, Chris

Beer, John
Belz, Aaron
Bernheimer, Alan

Blanchfield, Brian
Boldt, Lindsey
Borsuk, Amaranth
Brewington, Tyler
Buuck, David

Carter, Nathan Wade
Carty, Bill
Clemenzi-Allen, Ben
Cobb, Allison
Conrad, CA
Coolidge, Clark

Dowling, Sara
Downing, Brandon
Dunbar, Donald

Ferguson, Elizabeth
Frey, Emily Kendal

Gamble, Hannah
Gray, Robert Duncan
Gregory, Jane

Haber, Zack
Haley, Jamalieh
Handal, Nathalie
Hartigan, Endi Bogue
Houlberg, Laura
Huffman, Jibade-Khalil

Ives, Lucy

Jensen, Rachael

Kaupang, Aby
Kunin, Aaron

Landers, Sue
Larkin, Maryrose
Lohmann, Sam

Mac Cormack, Karen
Maziar, Paul
McCaffery, Steve

Putnam, CE

Radon, Lisa
Rocha, Flavia
Ruoff, Lindsay Allison

Schaefer, Standard
Schirmann, Kelly
Schlegel, Rob
Schlesinger, Kyle
Schluter, Kit
Shaner, Tim
Shaw, Anne
Sigo, Cedar
Sikelianos, Eleni
Silliman, Ron
Smith, Rich
Smuggles, Julian
Spahr, Juliana
Straw, Timmy
Strickland, Stephanie
Sullivan, KMA
Swenhaugen, Drew Scott

Toliver, Ashley
Tran, Stacey
Trigg, Nicole

Warren, Alli
Wiatr, Zosia
Wilkinson, Joshua Marie
Woods, Sarah

Yeary, James

Zolf, Rachel

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dreamstalker [3 years]

M., Lesley, C.
Glitter Mini 9 Dreamstalker

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Year in Poetry Readings

A thanks to the poets whose work I heard in Portland in 2013. (The essential Donald Dunbar posted his own list this year; my 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007 come up at a click).

Abel, David
Alexander, Charles
Ashby, Chris
Autrey, Michael

Beachy-Quick, Dan
Beckman, Joshua
Beer, John
Biespiel, David
Borsuk, Amaranth
Bradshaw, Joseph
Brazda, Carolyn
Brolaski, Julian Talamantez

Chabrier, Francesca
Ciccarello, Lisa
Cobb, Allison
Coleman, Jen

Dahlen, Beverly
Dahlin, Sophia
Davis, Dick
Donnelly, Timothy
Dunbar, Donald
Dunbar, Rachel Springer

Fitzgerald, Adam

Greenstreet, Kate

Haley, Jamalieh
Hall, Joe
Hartigan, Endi Bogue
Highfill, Mitch
Hill, Lindsay
Howe, Susan

Kennedy, Evan

Larkin, Maryrose
Lasky, Dorothea

Maziar, Paul
Mohammad, K. Silem

Nelson, Maggie
Notley, Alice

O'Leary, Peter

Piuma, Chris
pringle, kathryn l.

Radon, Lisa
Russo, Linda

Schaefer, Standard
Schomburg, Zachary
Shimoda, Brandon
Smith, Rich
Staiti, Erika
Strong, Christina
Stucky, Janaka
Szybist, Mary

Teare, Brian
Tillinghast, Julia Clare
Toliver, Ashley

Weeks, Maya

Yeary, James

Zawacki, Andrew

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Olè [2 years]

Lesley @ El Rio, SF
Glitter Mini 9 Olè

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Year in Poetry Readings

A thanks to the poets whose work I heard in Portland in 2012:

Abel, David

Bartlett, Sarah
Beer, John
Bernstein, Charles
Blonk, Jaap
Brolaski, Julian T.
Brown, Brandon

Clark, Kira
Cobb, Allison
Cohen, Alicia
Coleman, Jen

Dewhurst, Robbie

Goldman, Judith
Grabill, James
Gardner, Susana
Grinnell, E. Tracy

Hadbawnik, David
Hailey, Jamalieh
Harris, Ally

Joy, Eileen

Lease, Joseph
Lohmann, Sam

McCreary, Chris
McCreary, Jenn
Mutschlecner, David

Nayer, Louise

Owens, Mark

Piuma, Chris
Putnam, C.E.

Radon, Lisa
raphael, dan
Remein, Dan
Roggenbuck, Steve (in Ashland, but he read in Portland)
Ruoff, Lindsay Allison
Russo, Linda

Schlesinger, Kyle
Stanley, Jared
St. John, Cindy
Sullivan, Gary
Swenhaugen, Drew Scott

Taplin, Becca
Teague, Alexandra
Thomas-Glass, Dan
Tiso, Nicky

Vassilakis, Nico

Wagner, Catherine
Ward, Dana
Warren, Alli
Wayne, Phoebe
Wiatr, Zosia Rose

Yeary, James

(For local stratigraphers: 0708091011).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Automate [1.5 years]

Lesley @ Warped Tour, San Francisco
Glitter Mini 9 “Automate”
I hear you
I see you
You need to

It won’t kill you
They’ll rebuild you
You’re better off this way

Hey, hey, hey

You are breaking
And you’re hating every day
Now it’s time you
Come around to
Your new life in solid state

Hey, hey, hey

Love you, Transistor

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kiss the Liberator [10th anniversary]

Lesley w/ the Alembic
Glitter Mini 9 “Kiss the Liberator”

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Smarter Than You Think [1 year]

(l-r): Lesley, KALX DJ Rick Sylvain, Mauri, Chavaugh
Glitter Mini 9 “Smarter Than You Think”


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Year in Sports 2011

Not a banner year for reading reports, but a thanks nonetheless to the poets whose work I got to hear in Portland in 2011 (2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007 come up at a click).

Abel, David
Albon, George 
Ashby, Chris

Bartlett, Jennifer
Bartlett, Sarah
Beer, John
Benham, Melissa
Brazil, David
Brolaski, Julian T.

Christle, Heather
Ciccarello, Lisa
Cobb, Allison
Coffelt, Bryan
Cohen, Alicia
Coleman, Jen 
Comiskey, Daniel 
Cottrell, Chris
Cunningham, Brent

Dacheux, Stacy Elaine
Degentesh, Katie
Demske, Nick
Dickman, Matthew
Downing, Brandon
Dunbar, Donald

Erikson, Michelle

Gardner, Drew
Gorrick, Anne

Hart, Matt
Hartigan, Endi
Hartigan, Patrick Playter
Hill, Lindsay

Kaminski, Megan
Kemp, Arnold J.
Keppler, Joe

Landers, Sue
Larkin, Maryrose
Lerner, Ben
Lohmann, Sam

Maziar, Paul
Morse, Jesse

Radon, Lisa 
Rotaru, Andra
Roy, Camille

Skoog, Ed
Stein, Melissa
Swenhaugen, Drew Scott

Tendick, Noel

Vassilakis, Nico

Williams, John Sibley

Yeary, James

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ronnie's Racing School [r.'s birthday]

(l-r): Lesley, Cha, Mauri @ Warped Tour, SF
Glitter Mini 9  “Ronnie’s Racing School”
Who’s that cool cat
racing down the track?
Is it Cary Grant?
No he’s too laid back

Larger than life
Ronnie’s making out 
icon of his time
he’s what motor sports are all about

Ronnie’s Racing School
making men of fools
Ronnie’s Racing School
it’s cool, it rules, it rules

Pack of Lucky Strikes
smoking down the speedway
you just cant deny
he’s hotwired for the 21st century

Ronnie’s Racing School
you know you can’t lose
Ronnie’s Racing School
it’s cool, it rules, it rules

Ronnie, hey
and the boys and the girls
they cry, he’s so shy
Ronnie hey

Ronnie’s Racing School
making men of fools
Ronnie’s Racing School
it’s cool, it rules, it rules, it rules (x2)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gimme a Teenager [6 months]

(l-r): Mauri, Lesley, Cha on Lesley's roof, SF

Glitter Mini 9  “Gimme a Teenager

Im not your girlfriend
Im not your safety pin
today is not your lucky day

The broken locks
the burning sheets
the bad ideas
coming back to me

Every day the sun is shining
the sun is shining, uh-huh

The Devil he says
step back around
two hundred ways for you
to go down, down, down

Come on, come on
well say no way
what we cant help we
give away

Every day the sun is shining
the sun is shining, uh-huh

Every day the sun is shining
the sun is shining, uh-huh

Gimme a teenager
gimme a teenager
gimme a teenager
gimme one now (x2)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leisure West [easter]

(l-r) Mauri, Cha, Lesley

You should know where
home is
close your eyes and
think on this
life—why cry now?
Why cry now?

If you don’t get
sick of it
come on down it’s
time to get
your prize, and get it right
now lie down

Top of the sun
that sets down behind Leisure West
dissolving the girl of my dream
till she is nothing
till she is nothing

If I die, I’d like to be in a place where people can come and have a picnic or a barbecue. I wouldn’t be offended if you’re barbecuing around my grave or my headstone; I just want people to know that.]

You should know where
home is
come around to
Leisure West
find out
one down 
why cry now?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Last Perfect Day [40 days]

Glitter Mini 9  U.F.O. 

is coming down to make
the last perfect day
and what you put
in your breakfast
it sway the earth’s gravity

The U.F.O.
is coming down to change 
your frequency
and what you hum in your head low
satellite emergency
the holiday
could last all week

I look up to the sky
I’d love to wave goodbye
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I wish that it was
I really want my holiday

is coming down to make
the last perfect day
turn off your
television and turn it on
your data aid

The U.F.O.
she’s coming down to blow
your chemistry
and what it was
don’t worry you’ll adjust
to everything
a holiday
is what you need

I look up to the sky
I want to make it right
alright, right, right, right

I know that it could
this starlight
this star bright

I see the sun, I see the sign
I see the sun, I see the sun ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stan Apps on Rules for Drinking Forties

Morgan Myers’s insightful write-up of Names of the Hits (of Diane Warren) got me thinking about Stan Apps’s excellent review of Rules for Drinking Forties a couple years back. That may count as navel gazing, but what I like about both is how smoothly they move out from the poems into larger areas of inquiry. For Myers, it’s the poetic virtues of appropriation and the “emotional extremism” we no longer much tolerate in poetry, but allow ourselves in the schmaltzy excesses of pop; for Apps, it’s the process by which the “impure” vitalities of idiomatic speech come to nose their way into the privileged linguistic locker room of the literary and “poetic.” I’m glad for both responses, and for the blogs that still let you read them during workdays at a click.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morgan Myers on Diane Warren

Morgan Myers reviews Names of the Hits (of Diane Warren), with a bonus analysis of the “blinding crucible of nuancelessness” that is the Emily Dickinson of Pop showing us us. However much you love it, it’ll still love you more.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Maximus Poems: A Marathon Reading in Portland, 1/14-16, 2011

In an oral situation, communication takes place within a discrete time. That the listener must be present when the speaker performs is only one aspect of the intense temporality of the speech act. Emphasis, clarity, surprise, and suspense all depend on the speaker’s modulations of his speech in time. When a work is written, however, its tempo no longer depends on the speaker or writer. In fact, tempo virtually disappears. Surprise and emphasis, and most especially clarity, now depend on the transformation of temporal modulations into space. Irregular pauses in the stream of speech become conventionalized by more or less regular spaces between “words.” Dots and marks indicate a hierarchy of special status for portions of text; scripts and capitals indicate a hierarchy of material and meaning. Literacy thus becomes a process of spacializing the once exclusively temporal, and the thought-shaping technology of writing is an index of the development of this process. The higher the degree of conventionalized spacialization in the manuscripts, the less oral and more literate the community.”

Kathleen O’Brien O’Keefe, “Orality and Caedmon's Hymn”