Sunday, April 02, 2006

[B] 1 0 [G]

To help yr reading (a preface to nonsense):

From Listening to Reading by Stephen Ratcliffe:

“the sound of a poem’s words and their visual shape on the page are interconnected: that the sounds of words is, literally, an acoustic shape (the shape of words in air), their shape literally a visual sound (letters waiting to become sound)”

“What happens when the words of a poem are put into the air by a voice or voices intoning syllables at certain precisely measured pitches held certain precisely indicated durations? And how is it that when the words of a poem are sung the result in its effect is more than either of its constituent components, its words, its music?”

“The music makes adjustment to our perception of text, what we think we hear when we read those words.”


Please leave yr inhibitions at home on Tuesday (for a variety of both legal & not-so-legal methods to this effect feel free to contact me)

Yeder mensch hot zeiner aigeneh meshugahss … er bolbet narishkeiten.

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