Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sing Along for Jack, Allen, & Billy.

Since Rodney always has the cool links to contemporary music, I thought I'd try to beat him to it--

There's a 10,000 Maniacs song entitled "Hey Jack Kerouac", which also gives mention to his buddies Allen (Ginsberg) & Billy (William Burroughs, whose most famous book Naked Lunch, is funnier than hell), and to their old San Francisco haunts. I do have the song (though I'll admit I find it a bit irritating). Here's a link to the lyrics.

Of course, there's Kerouac alley, between Chinatown and North Beach:

(I took this picture in November 05 from the Chinatown side).

And word on the street is that Ginsberg used to hang at The Mediterranean, a cafe on Telegraph: Alice in Wonderland on the inside, vagrants with joints and pitbulls on the outside. Apparently he worked on "Howl" there over a cup'o'joe (and, knowing him, probably a joint he bummed from the guys outside).

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rodney k said...

Beautiful photo.