Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wear a Flower

Going to San Francisco this weekend for the event below. If you're in or around the Bay Area, hope to see you at ATA on Saturday.
SATURDAY, JULY 7, 2007. 8PM $10
THE NEW TALKIES: hijacking Hollywood
Live Film Narration

presented by kino21

Our Neo-Benshi Cabaret finds its way back to ATA, where it all started at Other Cinema in 2003 when intrepid writers and performers first tried to revive a latter day art of live film narration.

Since then the neo-benshi format has caught on from coast to coast to become a vehicle for taking over scenes from feature films by muting them & re-directing the images with words alone. OK, and maybe some musical and editorial embellishment, too.

Tonight's program will include cuts off Brandon Downing's new DVD, Dark Brandon, which uses a subtitled form of neo-benshi. Then the cinema will leap off the screen propelled by these overdubbers extraordinaires featuring concocted narration to scenes from the following unsuspecting films:

*Amanda Davidson Firestarter

*Rodney Koeneke The Golem

*Wayne Smith Darling

*Stephanie Young Vive L'Amour

*Jen Nellis Poison

*Konrad Steiner Minority Report

*David Brazil The Man Who Wasn't There

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Dan B. said...

sounds like a fantastic night -- wish I could make it..... Benshi up!