Monday, July 02, 2007

Yeats the Blogger

"I print the poem and never hear about it again, until I find the book years after with a page dog-eared by some young man, or marked by some young girl with a violet, and when I have seen that I am a little ashamed, as though somebody were to attribute to me a delicacy of feeling I should but do not possess. What came so easily at first, and amidst so much drama, and was written so laboriously at the last, cannot be counted among my possessions.

On the other hand, if I give a successful lecture, or write a vigorous, critical essay, there is immediate effect; I am confident that on some one point, which seems to me of great importance, I know more than other men, and I covet honor."

--from The Bounty of Sweden (1925)


Alex said...

i saw your poems in Kitchen Sink . they were really cool.

just thought i'd mention it.

rodney k said...

Thank you, Alex. Glad you found them. Bringing the band up to Portland anytime soon?

suzanne said...

rodney, i am going to come to portland and bring a busload of taxt poets with me. how about september or october? kick my ass into it and it will definitely happen. can we raise money, can we raise cain

rodney k said...

Hi Suzanne,

That's great news@ Let's talk Saturday.