Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dept. of Friendly Reminders

If you're anywhere within a hundred miles of Portland tomorrow, come hear San Francisco Wunderkammern Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian read for Tangent.
The Tangent Reading Series presents

Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian
This Thursday, August 9 @ 7:00 p.m.
Clinton Corner Cafe
2633 SE 21st Ave. in Portland
Admission is free

Come early, and have dinner, if you like. Please stay after and join us for conversation and festivities!

Dodie Bellamy will be introduced by Matthew Stadler
Kevin Killian will be introduced by Rodney Koeneke

Dodie Bellamy's essays and reviews have appeared in The Village Voice, The San Francisco Chronicle, Bookforum, Out/Look and The San Diego Reader as well as numerous literary journals and web sites. In January, 2006, she curated an installation of Kathy Acker's clothing for White Columns, New York's oldest alternative art space. With Kevin Killian, she has edited over 130 issues of the literary/art zine Mirage #4/Period(ical). Her latest collection, Academonia, was published by Krupskaya in 2006. Other books include Pink Steam and The Letters of Mina Harker. Her book Cunt-Ups won the 2002 Firecracker Alternative Book Award for poetry.

Kevin Killian has written a book of poetry, Argento Series (2001), two novels, Shy (1989) and Arctic Summer (1997), a book of memoirs, Bedrooms Have Windows (1989), and a book of stories, Little Men (1996), that won the PEN Oakland award for fiction. A second collection, I Cry Like a Baby, was published by Painted Leaf Books in 2001. He and Peter Gizzi are currently (2007) editing Jack Spicer's complete poems. For the San Francisco Poets Theater Killian has written thirty plays, including Stone Marmalade (1996, with Leslie Scalapino) and Often (2001, with Barbara Guest). He is most recently the author of Selected Amazon Reviews, edited by Brent Cunningham (Hooke Press, 2006).


suzanne said...

that photo is so glamorous and literary. portland's lucky tonight

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i was just going to say that that photo of kevin and dodie is ridiculously cool. where'd it come from? they look like rockstars.

rodney k said...

Hi Logan,

It came from this article in The Village Voice from June 2000:,bellamy,15802,1.html