Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dept. of Monkeys on Backs

Who is GoodReads and how is it I got addicted?


Gary said...

There will undoubtedly be a New Yorker piece on the GoodReads inventor in the next three years. I bet someone is already on the prowl & writing it.

I think it's so addictive because it turns reading, or reading memories, into baseball card collecting. Book collecting is already similar to baseball card collecting. But GoodReads takes it "all the way."

DUSIE said...

i'm not sure, but I accidentally invited my entire address book, which has all of 'Dusie's' contacts...and it seems most signed up! Blame it on Dusie... I say Gary should write that story, before it takes like 3 years, we just need a poetic news/magazine website to publish it...(!)

shanna said...

i am so afraid to sign up.
afraid i will never do anything else.
but i feel guilty not responding to the "please be my friend" messages. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?

DUSIE said...

you simply need to come on board dear, esp since there is such a niche there for d-i-y!

rodney k said...

Hi Shanna,

I second that emotion.