Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Survey Says ...

What are the animating concerns of contemporary U.S. poetry? (I mean the staple-stitched, non-university press variety, the kind likely to get talked about on, say, {LIME TREE}, or rhubarb is susan, or Galatea Resurrects.)

Be crude & broad, it's a blog. Like '30s: are you or aren't you a Fellow Traveler? Sur-real? '20s: where do you stand on the manner and matter of The Waste Land (collage, the War, an allusive broken-sharded "all times are now" approach to history)? Big bold & roughshod like that. What are ours?

Of course this is a 9/11 post.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck it is almost 9/11 again, isn't it. Thank God I don't own a television.