Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ultimate Neglectorino: Huckleberry Hound

New York School = Warner Bros. cartoons

Black Mountain = Hanna-Barbera cartoons

Beats = Walter Lantz cartoons


Matt said...

I just heard they've found some neglectorinos in that new particle collider. Personally I'd rather be a strangelet.

Nada said...

l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e equals... venn diagrams

flarf = playboy cartoons

rodney k said...

I keep thinking this could go on, like:

Ashbery = Bugs
O'Hara = Daffy Duck
Guest = Sylvester
Koch = Porky Pig

HANNA-BARBERA (Black Mountain)
Olson = Yogi Bear
Creeley = George Jetson
Duncan = Space Ghost
Dorn = Scrappy-Doo

Kerouac = Woody Woodpecker
Ginsberg = Andy Panda
Burroughs = Chilly Willy

you get the idea ...

konrad said...

Who is Porky Pig?

CAREful .... !

troylloyd said...

= ) great idea,
yes, it could go on & on:

Ezra Pound = Gertie the Dinosaur

e.e. = Felix the Cat

G. Stein = Popeye

Zukofsky = Betty Boop

Oppen = Koko the Clown

Sylvia Plath = Droopy

d.a. levy = Screwy Squirrel

Bukowski = the Tex Avery wolf

; )

it could evolve even further into a video mash-up mixing poets spoken word w/ their cartoony icon.

what might work better, or at least easier to do for someone like me who's a nitwit w/ computers, would be a Situationist style d├ętournement using various comicbook characters w/ the poets poem/words in the wordballoons, or if copyright violation is an issue, one could use the turn-of-century funnypaper characterslike the Yellow Kid & Happy Hooligan etc.

yr idea is a goldmine!
= )