Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Poets in Contest

What poetry needs is its own game show. A show staged like a cage match, where two prominent poets face off with their best material. It should open with a Baroque quartet, be hosted by a suave & brainy “cool professor” type with good hair, and include a slinky Vanna White who draws alphabet blocks from a velvet bag to see who goes first. The poets should sit in puffy chairs, wear vivid colors and glasses on neck chains, and look indifferent to the air time. Wait …


BB said...

oh my GOD!

Stan Apps said...

I nominate KSM as cool professor host.

Nada said...

Douglas Rothschild and Jordan Davis have actually been pioneers in this area.

phaneronoemikon said...


Il Okra cresce da un granchio,
Il granchio di cui gambe sono skinny fusti di birra.

L'albero cresce Okra da un serbatoio di granchio, Il serbatoio del granchio che
spara il suo wiggy goo
come una sciocca stringa
su un naso che è blu.

Il blu naso granchio
ama buona okra, e mangia ogni giorno.

Hey look, uno okra naso granchio
è sidling questo modo!

Uno okra naso granchio
è sidling questo modo!

Ridiculous Human Things said...

I've been hoping for an America's Next Top Poet, Top Poet, Project Chapbook kind of reality show for sometime now. I think this could happen. I want Oulipian constraints, homophonic translations, anagramatized sonnets. Slam poetry challenges for language poets and visa versa.

At some point there would be a dance-off.