Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summery Metempsycosis

“And therefore though this soule could not move when it was a Melon, yet it may remember, and now tell mee, at what lascivious banquet it was serv’d.”


Philip Metres said...

hey Rodney,

I believe you're missing the "h" in psychosis. That could be a good thing.

Hey, I erred in sending you stuff without asking whether you wanted to read anything, or offering a trade or something.

Hope you're doing well. Phil

rodney k said...

Hi Phil,

It's Donne's spelling.

konrad said...

You donne spelled it.

Philip Metres said...

That sorte of spelling alwayes dryves me slitely psyco.


Nada said...

The Donne site is so great! Rodney, thank you for this.

rodney k said...

Hi Nada,

Glad you liked the link. The syntax in Metempsycosis is brainbusting--I have a hard time believing even Jacobeans enjoyed it-- but it's, you know, "brilliant."

I'm reading the Satyres(sorry for the 'y', Phil!), where you get lines like this:

"But these do mee no harme, nor they which use
To out-doe Dildoes, and out-usure Jews"

Less entranced by the Jews than the Dildoes; either way, it's a "Donne after dark" sort of moment.Take that, three-person'd God.

Am reading Donne for the tonal shifts, like everyone else. To move from Dildoes into the Dean-of-St. Paul's-mystic is some serious amplitude. Wondering how to keep dildoes in with the mystic, so that one doesn't top the other. Unserious amplitude.

Nada said...

The endnotes in my college Penguin edition of Donne say, "dildoes were artificial phalluses [what are they now?] and to outdo – or outswive [outswive?]- them might in the poet's view be a prodigious feat indeed." Indeed!

and in a related news item:

Hmm... more on Donne, less on dildoes, later, if only to praise his wacked out syntax.