Friday, August 28, 2009

Birth of the Uncool

Thinking lately of the life-preserving traits of Joe Pachinko, mail room chief at the last office I worked in. Publisher of Lenore Kandel, author of books with names like The Urinals of Hell and The Incredibly Stoopit Adventures of Granpa Stuped, dispenser of drinks at work events where drinks get dispensed, daily shop floor reminder that soylent green is people. Here’s Joe on video in Oakland last year, & reviewed in the East Bay Express. If they ever invent that Trumball Stickney Poetry Award he used to imagine, hope they set one aside for Joe.


Nada said...

Lenore Kandel! I posted on FB recently, "I think I may be the Lenore Kandel of Flarf."


rodney k said...

Hi Nada,

The "Lenore Kandel of" just about anything" is probably a good thing for Lenore Kandel.

Joe convinced her to republish The Love Book, which I think was the last book of poems to ever be prosecuted for obscenity in San Francisco.

He also coaxed her into a reading at Vesuvius once, a rare thing I guess after the motorcycle accident in the '70s. That was before I met him though, so I missed it.