Monday, August 17, 2009

Jessica Grace Wing

Thinking this weekend of Jessica Wing, who wore spidery shawls against the hot campus sun, covered “Groove Is in the Heart” outside the grooveless grad dorms, and died of colon cancer five days before her 32nd birthday, in 2003. The cancer part I learned about only after the Internet, where now there’s a Wikipedia page, an official site, and a New York Times review of “Lost,” the Hansel and Gretel musical she completed a month before she died. This post is a breadcrumb trail.


Nada said...

oh, so sad... carpe diem, everyone.

Erika N said...

Jessica was a really wonderful human being. She went to high school with me and we danced together a couple of years. She always had a huge smile and hello for me, despite me being younger. We both had thought about going to Bryn Mawr, but she chose Stanford in the end...I was so sad to learn that she had passed. She was clearly a very special woman who touched a lot of lives with her positive energy.