Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Star Studies

Giant thanks to Tom Fisher and Sam Lohmann for being last nights first, brave iteration of the Habsburg Lipps. Good hearing work by Erik Flores and remarkable solo guitar from Dave Bow, whose songs carried some of the charge of Oregon’s own Tim Hardin. Enjoyed meeting Cheyenne Glasgow, too. Got home past 11 to spot the fire-twirling troupe who practices for Burning Man in the park near my house. This spring they were marching through a thin steady rain, hoops and wands unlit. Last night they were in full blaze. This must mean something good.

Jamalieh Haley and Donald Dunbar are doing great things with a living room and all the writers, singers, painters, visual artists, box wine & PBR imbibers it’ll fit. You can check for whos next last Tuesday of each month at If Not For Kidnap Poetry.

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