Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Last Perfect Day [6 years]

Lesley in Bernal Heights, SF

Glitter Mini 9 U.F.O. 

is coming down to make
the last perfect day
and what you put
in your breakfast
it sway the earth’s gravity

The U.F.O.
is coming down to change 
your frequency
and what you hum in your head low
satellite emergency
the holiday
could last all week

I look up to the sky
I’d love to wave goodbye
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I wish that it was
I really want my holiday

is coming down to make
the last perfect day
turn off your
television and turn it on
your data aid

The U.F.O.
she’s coming down to blow
your chemistry
and what it was
don’t worry you’ll adjust
to everything
a holiday
is what you need

I look up to the sky
I want to make it right
alright, right, right, right

I know that it could
this starlight
this star bright

I see the sun, I see the sign
I see the sun, I see the sun ...

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Year in Poetry, 2016

A thanks to the poets whose work I got to hear in Portland in 2016:

Abel, David
de Acosta, Alejandro
Adamshick, Carl
Ashby, Chris

Bakaitis, Vyt
Beckman, Joshua
Beer, John
Bernheimer, Alan
Boone, Bruce
Borsuk, Amaranth
Buzzeo, Melissa

Cohen, Alicia
Coleman, Jen

Dower, Kim

Fletcher, Jenna Marie
Frey, Emily Kendal

Gray, Robert Duncan
Gregerson, Linda
Griffin, Whit

Haber, Zack
Halpern, Rob
Harris, Ally
Haynes, Lamarra
Hunter, Carrie

Jensen, Rachael
Jess, Tyehimba
Johnson, Jessica

Kronovet, Jennifer

Larkin, Maryrose
Lyons, Kimberly

Mackey, Nathaniel
Mangold, Sarah
Maziar, Paul
Mehl, Liz
Mills, Ryan

No, Patricia

O’Malley, A.M.

Pico, Tommy
Poe, Deborah
Powell, D.A. 

Rosenthal, Sarah
Ruoff, Lindsay Allison

Schlesinger, Kyle
Schultz, Susan
Simon, Aaron
Straw, Timmy
Strom, Dao

Tharp, Shannon
Tillinghast, Julia Claire

Wilkins, Joe
Witte, Valerie

Yim, Lu

Zucker, Rachel

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