Monday, March 12, 2007

Dept. of Lingering Romantic Attachments

Here I thought poetry was going to be all drinking beer in the morning. Maybe for a minute in 1959 it was.


Hayes said...

Just never let those attachments stop, then you'll need sailboat prostheses saxophone inoculum.

rodney k said...

Yes. I strive to keep my protheses inoculum'd & lingering at all times.

rodney k said...

A note from Konrad Steiner:

"if [readers] want
proto-neo-benshi (David Horton was the first to label Pull My Daisy "neo-benshi"), [they can] check out THE LAST CLEAN SHIRT, another Al Leslie film collaboration with FRANK O'HARA, who did this incredible riff over repeated footage, different subtitles for each repetition of a scene featuring a woman ranting in
gibberish at a guy driving around Manhattan.

The film is available in 16mm from MoMA."