Monday, March 05, 2007

Dept. of the Probably Already Thought

Neutral Milk Hotel - tubas + '80s synth = emo?

Neutral Milk Hotel - tubas + synths - poetry = emo.

Now this is a post about poetry.


Mike Young said...

Except for the fact no emo band would ever have the balls to write lines like:

Soft silly music is meaningful magical
The movements were beautiful
All in your ovaries
All of them milking with green fleshy flowers
While powerful pistons were sugary sweet machines


For me, the distinction between NMH and emo music makes a nice analaogy for the distinction between "emotion" and "feeling."

rodney k said...


You're absolutely right. Amended above.

Mike Young said...

Now if anyone tries to start talking about Washington D.C. and how actually derives from hardcore, just hit them with a fl├╝gelhorn.

Jasper Bernes said...

+ strings (and a repressed memory of Echo and the Bunnymen) = Arcade Fire.