Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dept. of News To Me

There's a patron saint of drug lords. His name? Jesús Malverde.


Dan B. said...

Even if I had just thought of a really really funny joke to say about this (and I'm not saying I did), I don't think it'd be in my best interests to make it.

So I'll just say: "hunh" and keep on moving.

rodney k said...

In all fairness, he's said to cure addicts, too, and is also an "I fought the law but the law won" sort of folk hero/martyr who stood up to oppression. In case Ratzinger reads this blog, he's not an officially recognized saint, just gets the candles and prayers and statues. said...

Unnaturally cleaved, Mr. Jesus (of the) Bad Green (money, grass?), naturally, is moustachioed.