Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey Mike

Hey Mike, cook down those unwanted Lithuanian hill colts for the wine stock.

Hey Mike, use utility grips in areas where thin patches appear on the chicken urethras.

Hey Mike, have eight different scenarios for consommé memorized by Thursday.

Hey Mike, stiffen this meringue for the service personnel.

Hey Mike, re-braise the ocelots.

Hey Mike, we need new bovine eye paste.

Hey Mike, reduce some goat testes into the almondine.

Hey Mike, I need you to scrape and repurpose these remains from the sneeze guard.

Hey Mike, leave off admonishing the European kitchen help.

Hey Mike, more coke for the prep cooks.

Hey Mike, go titillate a shellfish.

Hey Mike, let’s fricassee a subgenus.

Hey Mike, remove the fatty organs nasally from anything defenseless.

Hey Mike, please carmelize these innards for the sou chef.

Hey Mike, let's euthanize Republicans for canapés.

Hey Mike, better loosen the elastic on that toque.

Hey Mike, construct a pudding to mimic the area’s prime geographical features.

Hey Mike, drizzle booze on the cream and make it flame.

Hey Mike, enigmatize the framboise.

Hey Mike, beat the restaurateurs senseless.

Hey Mike, sniff this guac.

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Hayes said...

Joe Brainard, is smiling from ear to ear!