Thursday, April 05, 2007

Muhammad Alli

Another knockout from Alli Warren, in COMBO 14/15:
Please to Have Goring

Oblivion outbound sleep around Pound. Double bag shop and awe cutting edges crank. Two jugs spiced milk straight sticky plot. Was and was again. Built on built. Built ocean built. Those who cease to be alive built.

Shutter grated seagull whoop. Sea mouth poked hambone. Rosebud shuddered sissy stunt. Parceled and porked. Lacking lock logic. Thick and irregular fascist says what?

White meat white quarter white short seizure recess. Semitic seal thick coat. Dirty bay done done it done it. Means meet Ends; Ends, Means.

When is it again that Bound to Get Fuller tours the Northwest?

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