Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blue Flowers in Snow

From Lizette:

I wanted to mention an observation in connection with the discussion about H.D.'s couplets in the last class. Though my favorite poem was Part [1] in The Walls Do Not Fall, which is not in couplets, my second favorite was Part [1] in Flowering of the Rod. I've nicknamed this the snapshot poem, because in every couplet except for two, I could see a snapshot, a still-life, of an object or definitive movement. In the first pair I see a garment (or raiment); in the second I see face and hands; in the third, someone standing; in the fourth, snow; in the fifth, the blue flower; in the six the ice-floe pattern (and again in the sixth); in the seventh, a banner, and so on. In the last one I see climbing, but I couldn't discern a snapshot in the 13th and 14th pairs.

On to Stein.


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