Sunday, March 05, 2006

Romantic Imagination

Hi y'all
Perusing several essays on Wallace Stevens I noticed some important ideas our class hasn't covered sufficiently. The first is the relationship between the Moderns and the Romantics. Reading Stevens and soon WC Williams it will be important to see how they built their ideas of the imagination (and poetry) in reaction to the Romantic's beliefs. I know all of you have studied Wordsworth and Shelley so if you could post some comments in response, telling me what you know about the Romantic's relationship with the imagination, this would be helpful to our discussion on Tuesday.

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rodney k said...

Did anyone happen to see that excerpt from Pat Righelato's article on "Anecdote of the Jar" from the Modern American Poetry site?

It's at the top of the page under "On Anecdote of the Jar." She talks about the poem in relation to Romantic ideas of the imagination, the communion of the poet with nature, etc. and discusses Stevens' relationship to Keats. Could be a great talking point for this discussion. Check it out!