Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dept. of Amusement (Magic Helicopter Prayer)

Caught The Perpetual Motion Roadshow last night here in Portland, which I heard about through Mike Young. Mike was one of the poets I met in Ashland earlier this year at the Emergent Forms series at Southern Oregon University, along with Jessica Rowan (featured in the new issue of Foursquare) and an impressively tight group of writers that felt just a few hairs away from becoming a sort of "Ashland School."

Mike read from his chapbook "That's Not the Face I Was Giving You," which he delivered like youth's ambassador to the Sanhedrin. One from the set:


Oh snap! According
to tonight's work
zee past
just sits there

I feel like a Clydesdale
watching NASCAR
in a nice bathtub.

Stops to come in Berkeley, San Francisco, San Jose.


Unknown said...

jess's new politicalcartoon+typewriting work is awesome. definitely an ashland mini-school (good work kasey)

Mike Young said...

Many thanks again, Rodney, for swinging by and for this post. =)

Maybe on the Ashland school. Not sure about "mini-school." It makes me think of those miniature burger and fry novelty meals suburban American mothers put in their kids' lunches when they hate them.

They're delicious.

A.S. Galvan said...

Are we almost a 'school' now?

Do I get to say 'we'? Ooh.

The idea is cool.

Mike, do you mean those pizza lunchables things? =)

Mike Young said...

I do mean those pizza things, hehe. I was just joking about not being a school. Rereading my comment, I sound sort of snotty. Sorry if that came across. I am a bit askew. For instance, I forgot the word acapella last night. Fuh shame.

jess rowan said...

Thanks, Rodney (and Jessica).

I like the idea that we're becoming a school...we've definately been coming together this year. But: do we get to take the school with us when we all leave in June?