Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The poetry buyer at Powell's on Hawthorne puts out a small suggestion box for customers to write down new titles they'd like to see in the section. A couple days later, there's your chit on the corkboard, answered with a handwritten note:

"O.K., I'll give it a try."
"Out of print. :("
"I usually carry him. I'll check to make sure we have some on order."
"Oh yeah, I forgot about her. I love her. They may be kind of hard to get but I'll try."

Last time I was in, someone had written in heavy metal Pee Chee folder script: POETRY TOTALLY SUCKS.

There it was on the corkboard, duly answered:

"You're a poopyhead."


shannon smith said...

That is awesome and entirely appropriate.

John Sakkis said...

pee chee script is the new indie rock

Snoma said...

> That is awesome and entirely appropriate.

You are a Hessian might have been more accurate.