Thursday, January 24, 2008

Modern American

Original "Modern American" Katrina Rodabaugh's joined fellow M(F)As Jennifer Manzano and Melissa Eleftherion Carr in the blogosphere.

(ModAms of yore--am I missing any of you? We're some of us friends on GoodReads, but drop a comment if you've got a blog.)


Katrina said...

why, thank you, kind portland poet! nice to be linked virtually as i keep dropping in on you for my portland poetry news. it's rainy here in oakland and i'm missing a dang good reading right now. hope you'll visit us soon!

rodney k said...

Hi Katrina,

I hope so too! Drop by any time.

Jennifer Manzano said...

Rodney, thanks for the mention, friend! (And I'll forgive you for taking over our original blog....kidding!)