Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Save Me


maryrose larkin said...

Welcome to the world of man v. lawn.

Lawn always wins.

konrad said...

Buy a dumptruckload of gravel?

Phanero Noemikon said...

Rodney, I have a rechargeable electric lawnmower that I would take
$75, maybe even less depending, if interested. It's completely enviro-cool, but a little less labor intensive than the push-blade style.
let me know if you need it.


rodney k said...

Hi Lanny,

Thanks--that postmodern German-engineered wonder above is already on order w/ my German-engineered moniker upon on it.

Failing that, genau, dumptruckload of gravel.

konrad said...

Doch, there's that new german lawn-laser. You install it at the corners of your lot on adjustable poles. At night it will silently trim your lawn to a precise height, and it will scan for intruders at the same time!

Very green.