Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Orono Mac Low

“... mere social encounter can't be legibly called polity until it envisions its future as a socius.”

Patrick Durgin's Orono paper on Jackson Mac Low got criminally cut short by a lax Chair, but this insight from it came home with me like a souvenir pen. Is it too late to print up T-shirts?

Here endeth the Orono chatter. Steve Evans had the presence of mind to park all the blog links here. Between that and the ThoughtMesh, there's still a lot of conference to catch if you couldn't teleport in.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I just discovered it. Kudos and thanks.

Mr. Horton said...


Thanks for all the detailed reports on the conference. It's interesting to read about a new attempt to reshape (package?) an entire decade.