Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reading at Portland State this Thursday: Bettridge, Fisher, Koeneke & Sand

I’m reading with three of my favorite poets & Pacific Northwesterners—Joel Bettridge, Tom Fisher & Kaia Sand—this Thursday, 4 PM at Portland State University. What you do is, you make your way to Portland (see map at left), find Cramer Hall 117 (the University Studies Office) and ask the bookworm/bon vivant at the front desk where to turn. May you somehow find us.
University Studies Teaching & Research Series presents:

JOEL BETTRIDGE, TOM FISHER, RODNEY KOENEKE & KAIA SAND Portland State University, Cramer Hall 117

JOEL BETTRIDGE is the author of That Abrupt Here and co-editor of Ronald Johnson: Life and Works, a collection of essays on the increasingly influential poet. He teaches in the English Department and University Studies Program at PSU.

TOM FISHER is a poet and scholar of silence, whose research focuses on 20th-century poets who stopped writing. He teaches courses on literary modernism, popular culture, and American studies in the English Department and University Studies Program at PSU.

is author of the poetry books Musee Mechanique and Rouge State. A new collection, Rules for Drinking Forties, appears as a Cy Press chapbook this fall.

is the author of Interval, selected as a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year, and co-author with Jules Boykoff of Landscapes of Dissent: Guerilla Poetry and Public Space. She is co-founder of The Tangent Press and reading series in Portland.


Sandra Simonds said...

I wish I could go....

Bet you didn't know that Sand is my nickname.

rodney k said...

Hi Sandra,

That's funny, because in my svelter So Cal days they called me "Warsaw Bikini."

Sandra Simonds said...

Well, in that case, if you email me yr address, Sand will send Warsaw Bikini a Warsaw Bikini!

Have you read Mark Cy Gist's new book? I just got it yesterday but it looks soooo good.