Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Born


BB said...


word verification, and I'm not kidding: BUGGYR



"Yeah, you were pretty buggy at the party with Kaia and Jules, but BB was buggyr."

? it's actually too good for reducing to one use. I'm typing it now.

Sam Lohmann said...

Congratulations. I'm excited to see it.

Chris said...

Why didn't I get "buggyr"! All I get is "retrood".

OK, "retrood" is also pretty great.

Anyway, as someone who has never known how to drink a forty, I look forward to any upcoming edification on the topic.

Lacey Hunter said...

Rodney, is this a new book of your's? ? Exciting!

P.S. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to Eugene for your reading with Kasey. Our ride situation is unclear but we are working on it.

rodney k said...

Hi Lacey,

It'll be a chapbook from Dana Ward's Cy Press, and may see its world premiere in Eugene--Eugene!--a week from Saturday. Hope you can come.

Thanks, all, for the good words.

Anonymous said...

And you just TURNED 40.....what does it all mean?

Stanley Bishop Burhans said...

I had no idea there were rules for drinking 40s. Is there like a time-limit or something? I have wondered whether it's ok to recap a 40 for re-use the very next day--that's probably not ok I'm guessing. And if there are time limits, is it that one must finish before the elapse of x time, or rather that one must not finish until after the elapse of x time?

As you can see I'm very excited and guessing about this new work!