Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fisher & Koeneke read in Portland this Sat., 4/11

That’s Alameda, CA’s finest, Dan Fisher, at left, fortifying himself for his first ever trip to Portland this Saturday to read poems for Smorg. Dan, who clearly knows his way around a dram, may not need any Rules for Drinking Forties, but they’ll be on offer all the same, since this is their Portland launch. Please don’t let this man drink alone (again).
Smorg presents
SAT., APRIL 11, 7:30 PM
The Waypost, 3120 N. Williams Ave.

DAN FISHER lives on the island in the East Bay. An island that has 4 bridges and a tunnel. He makes poems and some of them have appeared in Bay Poetics, Viz, Work, Cricket Online Review, Lament, and some other places too. He also makes collages under the name Fish Fishtofferson. He works for Upward Bound at Mills College in Oakland. He's never been to Portland.

RODNEY KOENEKE blogs here.

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