Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Let's Go to the Bar, Part II (Golden Age)

“The proprieties and delicacies of the English are known to few; ‘tis impossible even for a good wit to understand and practice them without the help of a liberal education, long reading, and digesting of those few good authors we have amongst us, the knowledge of men and manners, the freedom of habitudes and conversation with the best company of both sexes; and in short, without wearing off the rust which he contracted, while he was laying in a stock of learning.”

—John Dryden, Preface to Sylvae
I like the idea that good writing takes conversation and company as well as book smarts; you need to go to the reading and the bar. Plus that part about rust.


Bryan Coffelt said...

What's the best after-reading bar in Portland? I'll be living up there in August or September and could use a good bar map and a rundown of all the great reading series.

rodney k said...

Hi Bryan,

I heard you were coming from Kasey. Good news. Maybe you can pioneer the going out for drinks afterwards in Portland, which doesn't seem to happen much at the readings I go to here; was thinking back to San Francisco days, where it's sort of de rigueur. Let me know when you're up.

Anonymous said...

Favorite non-girly-drink bar in Portland: The Matchbox Lounge on Division. They have fab food. RBK has been spotted there too, a time or two, or three.

*Moroccan Coffee
151 rum Kahlua and Bailey's Irish Creame served
with Stumptown coffee and finished with Kahlua whipped cream / 8
Tanqueray Gin and Pimm's No.1 dressed in cucumbers a squeeze of lemon and a splash of soda served over ice / 8
*West Side
Knob Creek Bourbon a touch of sweet vermouth and Peychaud's Bitters shaken and served up
finished with a Toschi Italian cherry / 85
*Smitten Kitten
Ketel One Vodka and fresh squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit shaken with a touch of simple syrup served up with a sugared rim / 8
*The O.G.
Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey Peychaud's Bitters and a dash of simple syrup shaken and served on the rocks with a Pernod wash and a lemon twist / 8
*Fizzy Lifting Drink
Gruet Sparkling Wine served with a touch of Clear Creek Loganberry Liqueur and fresh berries to boot / 9
*An Easy Rider
Bulleit Bourbon house-made lemonade and muddled ginger shaken and served on the rocks / 8
*The Hard Driver
Locally distilled Medoyeff Vodka house-made limeade and muddled Ginger shaken and served on the rocks / 8
*'Tini Bit of Mojo
10 Cane Rum a touch of house-made limeade shaken with fresh mint served up with a sugared rim / 8
*Rita's Rapture
Hornitos Tequila Cointreau fresh lime fresh grapefruit shaken and served on the rocks with a salted rim / 8
Locally distilled Aviation Gin Maraschino Liquer and lemon shaken and served up. A classic pre-prohibition cocktail / 8

rodney k said...

Apparently I'm married to a non-girl-drink drunk.

Nada Gordon: 2 ludic 4 U said...

It's hard being a virtual teetotaler. But then again, I'm drunk on life, etc.

rodney k said...

But Nada, your "freedom of habitudes and conversations" is legendary!