Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bring Your Kleenex?

Couldn't resist posting this comment from NYC poet Amy King's blog. Her class read Stein last week:

"Last night in my poetry class, a student read the first four or five pages of "Objects"from Tender Buttons aloud, which was, for many of them, their first encounter with Ms. Gertrude Stein. Another woman started crying & giggling in the middle of the reading and remarked many times over, “I don’t know why this is making me cry!” She was confused by her own reception of the work, but not averse to it. I’ve never seen a student react so strongly & openly to poetry before."

Also in the Couldn't Resist Dept.: Posting this picture from Stephanie Young's blog of Barbara Guest with Frank O'Hara at the Cedar Tavern.

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