Tuesday, February 21, 2006

good class tonight

i just want to say a hearty right on to Katrina and Lara for giving a stellar presentation. the performance idea was great. i had a lot of fun.



melissa said...

Right on to you Laura for right on'ing them!

Katrina and Lara gave a great presentation. As sleepy as I was, I had fun!

Lizette said...

I second that opinion. Not only was it fun, but it really did provide me with some insight into the Stein poems. That's an unexpected development.

rodney k said...

Wanted to second, er, third (fourth?) the good words about your presentation, and extend it to everyone for being so lively and thoughtful on an especially sleepy night. I wish we could hear a contemporary poet read every night before our discussions ... just, maybe ones that aren't running workshops all week that have everyone exhausted :)