Sunday, February 26, 2006

More on Loy

For more on Loy’s life and some handle on recent critical perspectives, there’s the usual suspects:

Academy of American Poets on Loy.
Modern American Poetry site.
Carolyn Burke’s 1996 Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy went a long way to putting Loy back onto the poetic radar. You can read the introduction and an interview with Burke about Loy here.

A helpful bibliography for further reading is here.

Loy started her career as a painter, made fashionable lamps to support herself through the Twenties, and continued making assemblages inspired by the lives of the Bowery homeless long after she’d stopped writing. You can see some of her visual work here.

Also, a couple of resources on Mina Loy’s friend and lover, Italian Futurist F.T. Marinetti .

and her second husband and love of her life, proto-Surrealist Arthur Cravan.

Also, Billy Corgan has a song to Loy—who would have thunk? Does anyone have this? It might be fun to listen to in class.

BTW, that's Loy with Pound on the streets of Paris, 1923.


Emily said...

I can buy it off itunes if someone has speakers or laptop to play it in class.

rodney k said...

Is anyone planning to bring a laptop on Tuesday anyway? Or can you bring speakers for an iPod easily? I think it'd be a blast to hear this.

Also--don't be shy to admit it!--does anyone have a copy of Billy Corgan's poems??