Thursday, February 09, 2006

some more study questions for H.D.

1. What does H.D.'s rose in the poem Sea Rose symbolize? How does this differ from what roses traditionally symbolize?
What influence does the time period have on this particular symbol?
What does this poem suggest about old conventions and romantic ideas of beauty?

2. In her poems Garden, and Pear Tree do you think H.D. is asking readers to recall "Eden"? Does she believe we can go back?

3. How was it reading H.D.'s work directly after reading Eliot's The Waste Land?
How would you compare or contrast their prose? The musicality of the language?

4. How does H.D.'s work fit into the poetic tradition? What are some techniques she uses to separate herself from the traditional poetry before her, or from other Imagist poets?


laura wasserman


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