Tuesday, April 25, 2006

As a defense for my exegesis of Spicer's "A Book of Music." I refer you to this site http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rope.

Though the references here portray crass heterosexual definitions, I think that this poem has underlying homosexual references that enlighten and enliven Spicer's relationship to poetry. To over look the codes in his poems is to ignore the overwhelming sarcasm in his work as well as a tradition of poetry being a medium for "outsider" philosophies and sexualities. This also ties into Duncan's essay "The Homosexual in Society," and his (Duncan's) chastising of these "outsider" codes.

If you are still not convinced after pondering the above link, I direct you to the first line of Spicer's poem, "Coming at an end." Which reads as an allusion to anal sex....

There is a lot of juicy sexuality that did not have a place in the class, yet I feel is integral to Spicer and Duncan and anyone who still reads the blog after class is over may have some interesting rereadings of these poets.


rodney k said...

Hi Keith,

Really interesting stuff--glad you posted. But why didn't this have a place in the class? You should've let 'er rip. More at Catos!

keith j mosier said...

I felt like this did not have a place in class, because when I said the word "ejaculation," I saw about five people, men and women, turn bright red! I guess I backed down afraid to make people uncomfortable in the classroom. I should have let it rip!