Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Concise Creeley

I had another Creeley poem in mind last night, felt a little nerdy for knowing the poem by heart (though my email address is derived from this poem), but couldn't remember the correct line breaks. It seems to sum up some of what we were discussing as projectivist ideals, first of the rush of the moment, the rush of poetic inspiration equated to the muse by Saranique, to the orgasm by Katrina, here to the gong (that silly carnival strong man game) by Creeley; and second, to that crashing into the building, that notion of being a little unrefined in order to retain the passion of the moment, rather than editing it away. Creeley gets at this second notion in that his "method is not a tenderness."

The Carnival

Whereas the man who hits
the gong dis-
proves it, in all its

________________Even so the attempt
makes for triumph, in
another man.

Likewise in love I
am not foolish or in-
competent. My method is not a

tenderness, but hope

(The underline before "Even so..." is my add, to stay true to Creeley's original spacing, b/c the damn blog wouldn't let me indent otherwise)

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