Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So Here Comes Everybody is finished? I thought they'd keep going till they'd done, well, everybody. There go my polished yet spontaneous word associations (Lemon**pledge) and killer quote on the relationship between text and body in my writing. (Both need to drop 10.) In just four years I'll have a 7-year-old and thought I could use that too. I was ready, Lance. It's a great archive of material and a creative use of the Internet that introduced me to a range of poets, especially of the "emerging" variety, I wouldn't have known so much about otherwise. Thanks for the **.

Good to see HCE's last interviewee, Paul Hoover, enjoying himself in the neighborhood recently. Subtext, Spare Room: What's with all the experimental collectives up here? Is there something especially 'Pacific Northwest' about that?

There's also Hoover's useful exchange (sort of interview-like, if you're jonesing) with Albert Flynn DeSilver in the "Letters to Poets" section of Jacket 31. Not much about lemons but a lot on the "near hysteria that results from repeated rejection" and how it never entirely goes away.

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